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We make a 100% pure rye sour dough  bread.  Our mother culture was started in 2001. It lends a fantastic taste to the bread dough that is fermented for 2 days and in theory makes it easier on our bodies to digest.

We produce a plain loaf, a caraway seed loaf and a mixed seed loaf.  The mixed seed contains 50 grams each of pumpkin, linseed, sesame and sunflower.

The loaves last for a week or can be sliced and frozen for convenience. 

We are also currently working on a soft, spongy, gluten free bread.


Sweet baked treats

Cheese cakes
The award winning baked cheese cake is the flagship of the bakery. Heralded by some as, “ The best in the world”, and  “ To die for”.   Made from high quality creamed cheese with no gelatine or flour in the filling, every bite melts in the mouth.
The ‘Original’, has a slight tang of fresh lemon juice.
The marbled chocolate has 250 grams of Belgium chocolate (70% cocoa).


Carrot cake
Made with crushed pineapple and pecan nuts covered in a classic cream cheese icing, it has a great shelf life and remains moist for days.






Fudge-BrowniesChocolate fudge brownies
 Made from all butter and chocolate, these beauties are the perfect balance of spongy cake and gooey fudge that will please any chocoholic.
Done in trays, it can be cut to size for any occasion. Made with or without pecan nuts.





 Choc-chip cookies

Made from all butter and Belgium chocolate, these monsters (100g), are great to dip into your favourite hot drink or milk but can be enjoyed on their own. They won’t leave a waxy feeling in your mouth that commercial ones do because of the vegetable fat they use.