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Our primary goal of the dairy is to provide a food stuff that is not only great in taste to consume, but something that is highly beneficial for your overall body health.  We supply and use pure goat’s milk raw, i.e.: un-pasteurised. Much is lost in the heat treating of milk. Besides the loss of vitamins and minerals and destroying calcium, of considerable importance is the loss of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose.  Lactose is the sugar in milk that people sometimes develop an allergy to. 

 We do supply fresh and frozen milk in new sterile 1 litre bottles or any amount in buckets.



This is sold in two formats, 100g rolls vacuum packed and 200g (10 balls) in a leak proof tub topped up with canola oil.

These come in three varieties: plain, garlic and herbs, and black pepper, coriander and paprika.



Made in the traditional Greek style. Packed at 160g in brine. Soft with a great flavour.


Peasant cheese

A semi hard, rind less cheese similar in texture to feta and flavoured with fresh garlic and herbs. Best eaten fresh, can be kept vacuum packed for a couple of weeks or frozen for long Cialis for Daily Use Review: Cost, Dosage, Effects, and How to Take for ED and BHP. term storage.



My personal favourite. Two cultures blended to produce a wild mushroom smell. Great to eat fresh or ripened to suit any palate.



Slightly sweet and full of flavour.



Firm with a tangy bite.



Firm and slightly dry with a full flavour. Great to use instead of parmesan or shaved thinly into a salad.




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  • Dear Garden of Aiden, we would be interested in stocking your products in/on our online shop. We distribute all organic/ethical produce in PE. Please could you send me a wholesale pricelist. Many Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you. Nics

  • Elen:

    Hello, Please send catalogue of your cheese products, thank you