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The Garden of Aidan volunteering system

There are several organisations around the globe dealing with volunteers for the farming sector.
WWOOF ing, meaning , Willing Workers on Organic Farms. Locals and travellers alike are welcomed onto farms and into homes to work and learn about sustainable living. Every farm is different from the focus of the farming business to what is expected and what is offered in exchange. This is a MONEY FREE system whereby willing people work in return for food, lodging and knowledge.
Have a look at these sights for listings.

What’s to be expected here on The Garden of Aidan:

Volunteers must commit to a minimum of a 2 week stay.
Work starts at 7h00 with a 30 minute tea break at 10h00.
Lunch is an hour long from 13h00 to 14h00.
At 3:30 jobs are completed and the end of the day routine starts,(feeding animals,watering seedlings,washing up etc.) so that we can finish and go home by 16h00.
On weekends morning and afternoon duties will be shared between all volunteers on a rotational basis. This consists mainly of milking the goats, feeding animals and watering as needed. No other jobs will be done on the weekends.
All weekday evening meals are taken together, with people cooking supper on a rotational basis.
Meals must be suited to all, i.e. if cooking meat and some people are vegetarian enough food must be prepared for all.
Weekend meals are ad lib.
An emphasis is placed on cooking and eating as much as possible from what the farm produces.

Skills that can be learned.

Seed sowing and treatment of seedlings. Seed pollination and seed saving. Preparing vegetable beds. Correct planting practises. Mulching, feeding and watering. Companion plants. Compost making. Planting records for succession planting for effective crop rotations.

Health management of the flock which includes vaccination programs, hoof trimming,identifying and treating diseases.
Breeding. Selecting breeding stock. Timing of the breeding season. Male goat health.
Care of young.

Correct milking practises and milk handling.
Processing milk into products which include:
Cheeses (Feta , Gouda, Cheddar, Camembert and Peasant cheese.)
Dulce de leche (sweet caramel).

Savoury: The making and maintaining of a sour dough culture. (ours is 17 years old)
Speciality breads of specific dietary requirements.
Sweet: We produce baked cheese cakes, carrot cake, chocolate fudge brownies as well as a selection of cookies and pastries.

Soap making.
Jam and preserving, (sweet as well as lactic ferments)
Bee keeping.
Chainsaw: operation, correct felling cuts, cleaning and maintaining.